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Dear Friend(s) of West Towns Chorus,

Silence – not the kind that is a welcome break from noise, but the kind that emphasizes an absence of joy, an emptiness, is what will fill the performance space that would have held West Towns Chorus’s (WTC) beloved Annual Christmas Show this December.  We don’t have to explain why this highlight of the holidays is not going to take place; we are now all used to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic means no large gatherings – of performers or audiences. 

Because you are a music lover and supporter of WTC’s shows, we want to let you know of this blow to our season. It means we need to appeal to supporters like you regarding the need for donations to keep the chorus going. We need your help for us to survive and be “strong” enough to put on both a Spring and Christmas Show in 2021, in what we believe will be a safer, healthier world. To present those shows, along with outreach concerts at nursing homes and other places, we need your financial support. Our Christmas and Spring  Shows are our biggest sources of income; the funds they generate pay for most of our expenses, from rehearsal space, performance venue rental, and our director’s salary, to storage space for the risers, plus marketing, insurance, and so on. 

*The names of all donors will be listed in the next Show Program Book as a special thank you!

With music in our souls and much gratitude in our hearts,

 While rehearsals have changed to Zoom sessions, in which a majority of members are still participating, other expenses remain. WTC’s dedicated director puts in as much time preparing for and then directing rehearsals via the internet as she did in person. Other expenses also are ongoing, and are necessary support so the chorus can continue to present its beautiful 4-part Barbershop-style harmonies – with humor, drama, heartwarming skits, colorful sets, and classy costumes. With all that in mind, please help the chorus to not only survive, but thrive, by making a tax-deductible donation today. 


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West Towns Chorus is 501[c]3 non-profit organization, and as such, your donation can be tax deductible.

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